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[c’est top] Can I just start off with a list of my own...reasons why we are so much alike.

A) We both love lists, and both feel the need to recreate a list once cluttered even if it means never really "completing" a list as when recreating the first we always seem to find more things to add to the new.

2) L-O-V-E post its.  In fact, the envelope that holds all important documents for me to teach currently has 4 different post its in 3 different colors (2 of them are actually the same list, it was just too long for one post it).

C)Yes, you remind me of your mother, but that is not a bad thing.  You like things to be pretty...:)  Wait.  That has nothing to do with us being alike...ummm...we both like jelly beans.  There, much better.

4) I love whiteboards.  I have one that is separated into the seven days of the week and it may be one of my favorite things ever. 

D)  You didn't mention this, but I believe it to be true...we both just simply love office supplies.  My favorite, the staple remover.

Does it drive you nuts that I alternate numbers and letters...it does most but guess what, I'm quirky and you love me so get over it. :D  I hope you and Daniel are settling into the new place!  I can't wait to come and see it!

P.S.~This girl has an interview at the Lincoln Children's Museum on Friday, wish me luck! :)

Love you!

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